The goal of Season 1 for the OCM Prop House is to unleash the energy and creativity of the OCM community and network by seeding dozens of low-friction, low-risk pilots and experiments (called “Props”) around the Season 1 theme of Brand and Community Building. The DAO has approved 50 ETH for Prop House during Season 1 (through October 2022).

🐵 Visit the OCM Prop House

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For Proposers

Proposers: Read this First

Prop House Prop Template

Prop Idea Starters

For Voters

How to Vote in OCM Prop House

Season 1: Aug - Oct 2022 (50 ETH)

OCM Prop House - Season 1 Winners

OCM Prop House - Season 1 News and Timeline

📜 Season 1 Prop House Proposal on Snapshot

🎙 You can also hear me share the full story of OCM DAO and a complete intro to Season 1 on the first OCM DAO Office Hours (via Twitter Spaces, starting at ~11:00).

⌐◨-◨ Nounify your OCM

Help celebrate the launch of OCM Prop House by adding Nouns glasses to your Monkey!

Download the Nouns assets (CC0) here 👉

OCM 77 GG Bridge Nouns Glasses 150x150.png

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